About Us

Who We Are

Raise the Sky is a registered non-profit organization that connects members of the worldwide sport skydiving community to humanitarian and charitable causes, and promotes a transformative public image of skydivers as sportspeople who love life and give back to society’s most vulnerable.

We organize events, vet charities, manage media outreach, and support skydivers who want to make the world a better place through the promotional and inspirational power of human flight. We are committed to growing sport skydiving in new ways and telling its best stories to a wider public audience.

What We Do

Our team was the driving force behind the US National Wingsuit Record in 2009, which raised funds to keep kids in school through the dedicated work of City Year and got extensive media coverage on every major network television station and every major skydiving print publication in the world (plus stories on AOL news, a Japanese primetime television feature starring one of the record participants, and more). We also organize the annual tonto Boogie, a charity and skydiving event in partnership with the Johannesburg Skydiving Club in South Africa. This boogie hosted the launch of the South African Skydiving League in 2009.