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Project XRW Dubai Documentary

March 31st, 2013


Project XRW: Dubai from Raise the Sky on Vimeo.

Raise the Sky partners with Skydive Dubai to bring the ultimate advanced mixed wingsuit-canopy flight to the iconic Palm Jumeirah. This world-class group of athletes fly an 11-way mixed flock, setting a new unofficial record; a 10-way vertical XRW flock; a three-stack of canopies with a wingsuiter docked underneath; side-by-side 2-stacks of canopies with wingsuiters docked underneath; and a Mr. Bill rodeo transfer. The team did it all to help make dreams come true for children in Raise the Sky’s Flying Dreams program in South Africa. Help us sponsor a child today! Go to

Project XRW: Dubai
Organizers: Jonathan Tagle (canopy pilots) and Taya Weiss (wingsuit flyers)
Canopy Pilots:
Jonathan Tagle
Timmy McMaster
Billy Sharman
Mikeal Stevens
Wuzi Wagner
Wingsuit Pilots:
Taya Weiss
Jhonathan Florez
Mark Harris (video)
Barry Holubeck
Will Kitto
Roberta Mancino
Jeff Nebelkopf (video)
Mike Swanson
Team Manager:
Eli Bolotin
Ground Crew:
Dan Dupuis


February 1st, 2012



Project XRW Achieves World’s Largest Mixed Flock of Wingsuits and Parachutes

For more information contact: Eli Bolotin – [email protected] or Taya Weiss – [email protected], +1 (617) 824-0514

29 January, 2012

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A team of the world’s best skydivers arrived at Skydive Dubai this week to push the boundaries of human flight and change lives. Raise the Sky, a non-profit organization that connects skydivers to humanitarian and charitable outreach, organizes Project XRW (eXtreme Relative Work) in which high-performance parachute pilots and wingsuit skydivers in freefall interact in the air.

Cutting edge wingsuits slow freefall speeds, and small, aerodynamic parachutes accelerate their pilots’ descent speeds without compromising safety, allowing this stunning achievement. Special GPS units from Project XRW sponsor FlySight aid in data collection that quantifies these developments. They can fly together, have a conversation, and even link up for extended periods. The team’s main goal was to complete the largest ever mixed wingsuit-canopy “flock”. That goal was achieved with an 11-person formation, five parachutes and six wingsuit pilots flying together over the Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most famous and recognized landmarks.

Skydive Dubai’s generous sponsorship of this Project aims to raise awareness and funds for Raise the Sky’s Flying Dreams program, which supports schools catering to underserved and low-income children. The skydivers visit the schools to talk about teamwork, facing fears, and following one’s dreams, all within the context of human flight. They also bring much-needed resources. “Every child has dreams for the future. For some, even the simplest goals can seem as impossible to attain as what we are doing here this week. Getting an education helps them to make their dreams come true,” said Taya Weiss, a Raise the Sky founder and Project XRW wingsuit pilot.

Project XRW Dubai will support the Pastoral Centre Preschool and Creche in South Africa, a secular non-profit school that provides 300 low-income children with early childhood education and basic nutritional needs. Situated in an impoverished community and working with very few resources, the teachers and staff give children a chance at development that will allow them to eventually graduate from high school and contribute to the upliftment of their families.

Raise the Sky thanks our generous sponsors, Skydive Dubai and the Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa.

Project XRW and our entire team extends a special and heartfelt thank you to His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum for his visionary support of sport skydiving.

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