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A Raise the Sky Manifesto

Thoughts that inspired us to start the organization…

There is something about this sport. We forge inconceivable bonds across social and economic lines. We risk our lives for the view from altitude, for the way we feel when we walk back into work on Monday morning after grinning at our friends in mid-air as the weekend sun goes down.

Why do you jump? The rush? Extraordinary friendships? A sense of possibility? It changed your life, your point of view, your brain chemistry? Want to share that with the world?

Take your skydiving to the next level. Give a little slice of your adrenaline-fueled joy to change someone’s life. Educate a child. Build a school. Cure cancer. Make your next event a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Spend a day volunteering near your dropzone. Organize a tandem jump for someone who dreams of flying but could never otherwise afford it.

For every lifelong friendship forged in a freefall moment, we will reach out to a new friend who needs us.