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Tagle’s XRW Elsinore: Days 3 and 4

September 18th, 2010

Jonathan Tagle

On Day 3 of the XRW Project at Skydive Elsinore, we managed to accomplish several goals… The priority was to be able to fly all three surf style configurations, side-by-side. A task that proved to be quite challenging for everyone. We did manage to put a couple close together, and we satisfied to move on to the flocking portion of the XRW Project after giving it a fair shot.

We had set aside two jumps that would focus on a no-contact slot specific mixed formation. Jessica was our lead and Ian and I took our positions on her left and right respectively. As we’ve done so many time before we locked into our slots and waited… Then suddenly, Jeff and Taya flew down and filled in the formation between us. David and Will flew into their slots behind Bobo and myself. There we were, flying in the tightest flocking formation I’ve ever been been a part of with 2 other canopy pilots and 4 wingsuiters. It was an amazing sight to see, and a great to finish up the last day with Ian and Jessica.

On Day 4, the remaining XRW crew, Jeff, Taya, Phil and I focused on trying to get a solid 3-way docked formation with me in the middle. This was no easy task, but at the end of the second jump we managed to link up and fly the 3-way piece for a few seconds… and then again on the 4th jump.
All in all, we learned a ton about how to fly together, how to approach the formation, and how to build on successful jumps. It was an incredible experience with a professional group that spawned lots of other ideas for the next phase of the XRW Project. We are all very excited about the results, and we all look forward to flying together again… hopefully inviting more of our friends to join us next time.
Thanks to our Sponsors: Skydive Elsinore, Performance Designs, PD Factory Team, Sun Path Products, TonySuit Wingsuits, and Paralog. A special thanks to Raise The Sky… and to everyone behind the scenes who’s efforts made this possible: Eli Bolotin, Anna Baddorf, SudsyFist, Niklas Daniel, Brianne Thompson, Danilo Dadic, Laurent Lobjoit, Karl Gulledge and the pilots Donny and Jason.
See you again for Phase 3!
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