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Project XRW & Operation Freefall

April 23rd, 2010

Taya Weiss

Project XRW Moab

Project Extreme RW (XRW), hosted by Raise the Sky, Operation Freefall, and Skydive Moab, will explore the possibilities of how skydiving’s two fastest growing disciplines can interact in the air. A wingsuit flyer in freefall and a high-performance canopy pilot will come together for every type of interaction made possible by gravity and the skill of the athletes. Performance Designs Canopy Pilot Jonathan Tagle and Tonysuit Wingsuit Pilot Jeff Nebelkopf will work on body surfing, upside-down links, and other never-before-seen configurations.

The XRW launch will take place on the weekend of April 24th at Skydive Moab and will raise awareness of the incredible work of Operation Freefall. Practice jumps at the dropzone will be followed by exclusive footage shot against the backdrop of a red rock canyon. Miss Nevada will do a tandem jump the same day as part of the Operation Freefall event.

The Athletes

Jonathan Tagle

Jonathan Tagle most recently won first place overall at the Dubai parachuting championships in January 2010. One of the most accomplished canopy pilots in the world, he is a member of the Performance Designs Factory Team and also holds a US National Wingsuit Record in formation flying.

Jeff Nebelkopf

Jeff Nebelkopf has placed first in both distance and artistic wingsuit competitions. He is the Tonysuit Head Wingsuit Designer and Chief Test Pilot, presiding over the innovation in wingsuit construction and design that has made Tonysuit the fastest selling wingsuit brand in the US.

The Cause

Raise the Sky is a registered non-profit organization that connects members of the sport skydiving community to humanitarian and charitable causes. Raise the Sky is committed to growing the sport in new ways and telling its best stories to a wider public audience. We have chosen Operation Freefall to benefit from the launch of Project XRW and, with our Operation Freefall partners, arranged for Miss Nevada to do her first tandem at Skydive Moab on the same day, April 24th.

April 24th marks the 10th anniversary of Operation Freefall, an annual event where survivors of sexual assault and their supporters go skydiving to live out loud, reclaim their personal histories, and fundraise for victim/survivor support services. Both the tandem and expert jumps will draw attention to this great cause. Video footage and still photographs will highlight the Raise the Sky/Operation Freefall partnership, the athletes, Miss Nevada, and the wonderful sponsors of this event.

Event Schedule

Thursday, 22 April: Athletes (Tagle and Nebelkopf) arrive

Friday, 23 April: Athletes and videographer practice jumps at Skydive Moab. Miss Nevada arrives.

Saturday, 24 April: Project XRW Launch and Operation Freefall 10th Anniversary. Athletes jump into the dropzone and/or a second location for final footage. Miss Nevada does tandem for Operation Freefall. Media welcome.

Sunday, 25 April: Weather Date for Athletes. Miss Nevada departs.

Monday, 26 April: Athletes Depart.

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  1. Michelle Wink #
    April 23, 2010

    thank you for supporting my favority charity and an awesome cause that has helped change my life for the better!

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